Myanmar Military Torched a Civilian House in Ywarngan Township

On 18 April 2022, Myanmar military fighters consumed a plain regular citizen house around 8 P.M at Na Ban Kyi town, Ywarngan municipality, Southern Shan State.
As per a young fellow who lives in Na Ban Kyi town, the house which was burnt by the tactical warriors had a place with a previous Na Ban Kyi town ward overseer and a political extremist Ko Win Khaing.

“Myanmar military officers came and consumed the house around 8 P.M the previous evening. Ko Win Khaing is our previous ward head and National League for Democracy (NLD) solid ally,” a youngster from Na Ban Kyi town told SHAN.

Ko Win Khaing whose house was singed has been on the run with his family since after the tactical upset in 2021. There was nobody at home when the tactical junta came and lit the house.

As of late, it is accounted for that Myanmar military warriors have been consuming regular citizens’ homes and persistently capturing youngsters in Ywarngan municipality, Southern Shan State.

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